Personalized word art canvas create your own typography print
Personalized word art canvas create your own typography print
Personalized word art canvas create your own typography print
Personalized word art canvas create your own typography print
Your Love
Your Loved one will adore a personalized word art canvas

Wedding Canvas

Celebrate Your Love!

Love is an ageless celebration, and you should hold on to the beautiful memories on your journey. You can recreate your love story in photos and hold them in the ageless form of a personalised custom word art canvas!

Whether you are about to get married, celebrate an anniversary or know someone approaching either of these milestones gives you the opportunity to gift them a loving typography word art canvas on their special day.  While ideas for one year anniversary gifts simply include flowers or chocolates, your loved one will adore a unique personalised word art canvas!

Embrace the feeling of the occasion and convey your love through a gift which stands out. If your love is new, be sure to take some time to think through which words might make the best impact for your special spouse when creating your custom typography canvas.

Think about the words you would like to convey!

Think about the words you would like to convey to form your canvas. A few ideas may include:

  • Your own words describing what your spouse means to you
  • A poem or inspirational quotes
  • A story of your love, a special moment or challenge you guys got through
  • Your wedding vowels
  • Lyrics to your spouse’s favourite song etc

Now immortalize these words on canvas and use them to form the picture of your choosing.

Pick the best picture moment!

When choosing the photo to print on canvas, it may not be easy to select the best one amongst the many you may have. Therefore, it is important to focus on the moment each photo portrays. Make sure you choose moments where you and your partner are in laughter and happiness.

Just remember, your custom word art canvas will brighten your wall design and freshen up your home decor, but your laughter and beauty conveyed in your photo would do more magic!

Getting Started


Upload the photo & words of your choice here, select your canvas size and proceed to checkout

We will then email you a preview of your canvas within 24 hours.

Our custom typographic word art canvases are available in 19 different sizes so you can pick the ideal size fit for your decor needs. There are 3 different categories of sizes, 1. Square 2. Wide. 3. Tall.

We value quality, which is why we provide high resolution prints on 360GSM canvas material, stretched across a 3 cm frame made of robust kiln-dried wood. This means all are canvases come attached to a frame and ready to hang as soon as you receive your delivery. We remove the hard work for you!

We seal all our canvases with a coating that makes them resistant to ultraviolet light, dust and water. So rest assured, as our canvases tick all the boxes for constructional strength, durability, aesthetics and visual quality.

We offer free worldwide shipping to over 40+ countries!

As soon as your order is placed, we begin manufacturing your canvas.

Once manufacturing is complete (which takes anywhere from 2 to 7 business days depending on volume of orders) you will receive an email notification as soon as it is shipped to you.

You can expect your delivery to arrive anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks after your canvas has been manufactured.

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