Art For Business Office Cool Wall Art Ideas

Art For Business Office

Art For Business Office Cool Wall Art Ideas

If you find yourself a busy person, where most of your day is spent in an office setting. You may find it a bit daunting when the environment doesn’t feel comfortable, eye pleasing and inspiring. If you have not taken the time or thought to decorate your office walls, then you are only doing your self a disservice!  Luckily there is an easy solution to turn your office walls and overall environment into a vibrant and invigorating space that will have you feeling thrilled at the thought of going to work! What is the solution you may ask? Wall Art!

Wall art is the pinnacle decor technique to uplift your office interior, by sparking visual appeal and creating a center of attention for your office. You will begin to notice how the long draining days at the office become a whole lot less problematic when your environment is resonating at whole other level of creative and positive energy (feng Shui) because you have taken the time to tastefully apply decoration.

In this blog we have compiled some of the coolest office wall art ideas to propel your boring, daunting and plain old office space into something that will make you proud to attend and call your office!

Best Wall Art for Office Settings

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art has for a long time been a popular choice to spice up office walls, this is done through canvas prints, which has become an effective and affordable approach to let your personality and values shine. Having your favorite photos on canvas allows you to cherish your most valued memories and or loved ones, and what better place to be reminded of such things when working away in your home office and need a source of inspiration.

Here at Canvas Gang, it is out goal to bring your photos to life with words! That’s why our unique custom word art canvases have been a hit! We give you the ability to have the visual appeal of a photo, but with words of your choice to form the photo on canvas! A custom word art canvas makes a great center piece and focal point for any office wall at an affordable price and with a sense of uniqueness. We value quality which is why our canvases are produced with high quality 360 GSM canvas material stretched across a wooden frame, ready to hang. If you are interested get started today an create your own canvas now!


Art For Business Office

Art For Business Office Cool Wall Art Ideas

A great idea is to a choose picture that inspires you e.g., family or spouse. Then use words describing your love for them, and leave the rest up to the designers at Canvas Gang, who will work their magic to create your custom canvas made out of words.

Framed Fabric

Framed fabric isn’t the typical approach to decorate your office walls; however, it certainly makes an impression if you choose to hang framed fabric. There is a plethora of different types of fabric that really can make your office walls have a sense of personality. Fabrics come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and designs, so the creative potential is really endless!  If this interests you then you should make an effort to contact your local fabric store or browse for online retailers that will cater to your needs when framing a fabric to accompany your office wall dimensions.

It is important that you select fabric that compliments the frame you will use and or visa versa. You don’t want these two elements clashing otherwise they will create an eye sore. This is where your tasteful and keen eye for design will have to be utilized.


If you don’t like the idea of framing fabric, then a just as effective and appealing approach to decorate your office walls is to hang the fabric directly on the walls. This form of tapestry will contribute to an instant change in your walls color, pop, energy and visual appeal. With various styles available in the tapestry market, you can experiment with different colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, textures and fabrics to suit your styling needs and goals. 

To sway clear of a shabby and cheap look, you should consider attaching your tapestries to elegant look curtain rods, of to frame you tapestry with wall trim. Ensure you measure the fabric before hand if you go the wall trim approach, and use either heavy duty clips or nails to secure the tapestry within the wall trim frame.


Mirrors embody character and style, they make a bold statement and are a great focal point for any room and office. Coming in different shapes, size and framing, you can be sure to find a mirror that will appeal to you. Not only do mirrors serve an aesthetic design purpose but they also have a functional use case in the office environment. There may be times where you need to tidy up or check your appearance, and it can be very handy with a mirror nearby.


Art For Business Office


Another great aspect to a mirror is that it can enhance the sense of space within your office, and create the illusion of depth and vastness. This is important because when workload becomes too much and your mind is working overtime during those late office hours, you can feel like the walls are closing in on you. However, you’re your walls embody a sense of vastness through the use of mirrors, it can in some way, shape or form put your mind at ease.  Mirrors can also be used to reflect on things and encourage positive reinforcement for when you need to clear your mind.

Having established mirrors can make a great decorative element for your office walls, it is just as crucial to consider its placement for it to serve its purpose. The position of a mirror is most effective when it is positioned at and eye level when standing up. Also placing a mirror in the area of your office space exposed to most light can ensure it successfully reflects day time light, without the need to waste electricity turning on your actual lights. 


Shelving is a must have decorative wall art element to any home office let alone any room within a home. They serve a purpose as a useful space for accessory items such as plants, books and miscellaneous things like clocks, candles, photos and vases etc. They help fill up walls thus making your office decor look less plain, and more practical, filled and visually pleasing. When choosing shelves for your homes home consider the sizes, styles and coloring shelving comes in. Nowadays one can custom make there own or head on down to IKEA for ready built shelving.  


Art For Business Office


You have endless options from glass, wooden, boxed, modern and rustic shelves etc. Make sure you tastefully fill your shelving and not overload it with clutter. You want to strike a healthy balance between the amount of empty space on left on shelves and the items you choose to display on your shelving.

A Living Wall

Invite some life into your office space with the beauty of nature through plants! Your office can feel quite lifeless if you do not have an element of nature within it. So why not consider injecting some vibrant living and breathing life through various plants. You can create a interesting and visually striking look to your office if you choose this decorative technique.

Before you go ahead and start hanging whichever plants you desire it is important to consider buying and hanging plants that thrive in shaded space. However, if your office receives a significant amount of direct sunlight, you can go proceed with confidence to select whichever plants resonate with you. There is a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and breeds, so your options are endless!


Art For Business Office


Consider installing a moss wall as shown below. Moss walls are a great decor element which have been growing in popularity for a number of reasons. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, require low maintenance and are also known to aid in purifying the air within your home/office by acting as a natural filter for the air flowing in your space.

A Chalkboard or Whiteboard

Reminiscing about the good old days when you where just a kid and the teacher used to right on the chalkboard? Or for the younger folk reading this, do you remember the whiteboard? Both make a great addition to a home office wall because they serve a function. You can write messages on them which is handy when you need to jot things down quickly when you working away in your office. A great idea is to also frame them according to your style and personality! You can’t go wrong with either a chalkboard or whiteboard. For those wanting a vintage feel to their office, chalkboard takes the cake every time! Love CANVAS ART.


Art For Business Office


Summing It Up

So, there you have it! We hope this blog has enlightened you with several cool ideas to be used when decorating your office walls. The possibilities are endless when it comes to achieving the vibe for your office. But just remember, in the end it comes down to your personal taste and having a bit of fun! Please feel free to share this blog and begin motivating others to inject some life into their office space!


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 Art For Business Office Cool Wall Art Ideas