How To Find My Interior Design Style, A Rookie's Guide

How To Find My Interior Design Style, A Rookie's Guide

How To Find My Interior Design Style, A Rookie's Guide

Have your ever wondered what exactly is interior design? We have all heard the term, however how difficult is it? Are you aware of what dictates good or bad interior design? Can you pull it off yourself? And how does one begin to learn how to become a talented interior designer?  

Regardless of whether you have a natural knack for creativity and imagination or just have a strong desire to have a beautiful interior for your home, these are the questions that frequently pop up for those of us about to engage within the thrilling world of interior design.

One must not take for granted that anyone can do interior design, after all, there are university degrees with a significant amount of knowledge to be learnt regarding the field. One not must not feel intimated by the notion that the everyday person can get away with doing it, but rather encouraged to seek on understanding how to become a great interior designer!

One must learn the fundamentals to get started, and what better way than to begin reading articles and blogs like the one you are reading now, taking notes, establishing relationships within the field by attending show rooms etc. All these ways are initially a great entry point to give you the appetite for the latest styles and trends currently occurring or are on the horizon,

Upon excelling in your skill set, it is a great idea to begin styling your interior decor with the finalizing touches or ‘icing on the cake’ with custom word art canvas decor, provided by Canvas Gang! bogd A unique style of canvas art being adopted by many interior designers’ arsenal for great interior design.

If you’re still a beginner and keen on learning more about building your understanding of what makes great interior design, the following steps will be sure to position you in the right frame of mind and direction!

Decide the Purpose

Great Interior design has no respect or tolerance for observing and reading about great design and setting out your intention to create an exact replica, in other words, don’t be a copy cat!  Your design sense and style should be unique to you and not a copy of someone else’s.

One should sway clear of getting trapped in the though processes that every room in a home has to relate in some way shape or form to all other rooms in the home! While its part of great design to draw elements of similarities from each room e.g., carpets, floors, fitting and fixtures, it is still of even greater importance to ensure each room vibrates with its own unique personality. 


How To Find My Interior Design Style


That’s why before you sit down and begin to ponder the style of a room, you should first think about what the rooms’ main function will be and what end goal will it serve. Will the room seek to inspire you? Relax you? Trigger your imagination? Etc. Through arriving at the purpose you seek to give your room, everything else will align accordingly from that point on Canvas.

Create Harmony

Everything in life is nothing but energy and vibration! By adopting this level of understanding you will begin to put the pieces together in order to grasp and digest that great interior design is about creating harmony and resonance. 

You may be asking how is this achieved? Well, one must embrace what thing have in common with each other, in other word what elements compliment, share similarities and belong together.  This stems across many elements when designing a room, for example. The building of subtle or blatant repeating and reiteration of colors, shades, textures and shapes can coalesce to generate a sense of resonance and harmony.  


How To Find My Interior Design Style


A simple way to prove this point, if you are trying to fin a pillow to complement your sofa, you should look at selecting a pillow that embodies similarities to your sofa. For example, if the pillow has similarities in patterns, shapes or colors in any way to your sofa, it will make a great use case for a harmonic relationship because its drawing from fundamental commonalities to your sofa. 

How To Find My Interior Design Style

Build Balance

The trick to building balance within a room is making sure there is a quality in the spread and or distribution of visual elements the room embodies. The majority of elements within the room need to occupy a position within the space of an invisible middle axis which is used as a reference point to place things in measurable accordance to everything else in the room.


How To Find My Interior Design Style


You must honor the symmetry of a room, because when things are spaced out proportionally you give rise to a level of calmness and serenity which is evoked by the balance you have achieved.

Establish Rhythm

Its all in the rhythm baby! The secret ingredient which many interior designers overlook is how things flow.  In order to create a sense of spark and differentiation which is pleasing to the eye, you can try use fascinating patterns of repetition.


How To Find My Interior Design Style


You can manifest rhythm in a room through repetition of colors and patterns across the elements in your room from curtains, canvas art, pots, rugs, and walls which will elevate you into the next level of great interior design. Bomgs.

Choose Emphasis

Emphasis draws your attention to a central point within a room, by being visually captivating in order to hook the focus of an observer. If a room is tastefully decorated it can achieve this, however if there are an overload of focal points, It can ruin the balance of a room and overwhelm the observer thus creating disharmony and bad energy. This lends itself to bad interior designing which is what you want to sway clear of!


How To Find My Interior Design Style


It is therefore of great importance that you establish a main focal point by drawing emphasis to a specific element within your interior design, this could be a piece of artwork or furniture etc. In today’s times, large scale digital canvas art is a great focal point to use as a focal point, especially if it is conveying an emotional connection through words.  Just like our very own custom word art canvases, which thousands of customers have happily made a focal point within their homes to improve their decor. Create your own now!

Play with Proportion and Scale

Here at Canvas Gang we enjoy talking to clients to help them choose the best size canvas to fit the area and space available to them. So, you can imagine that proportion and scale play an important aspect when it comes to the effectiveness of interior design. .

It is crucial when positioning furniture, art, or mounting something on the wall to take into consideration the element of spacing between such items, so as to leave exposed blank space to embrace a less cluttered and congested look.

Impact Emotion Through Color

It is well known how color impacts the brain and therefore our feelings. Scientific and biological research has proved this over the years, so therefore it is important to keep this in mind when it comes time to selecting the colors for your room, and which colors will be most effective at conveying or capturing the emotions you want to feel.


How To Find My Interior Design Style


Select Finishing Touches

After you have the main elements of a room selected such as furniture, curtains, flooring, lights and carpets etc. Its now time to begin the most exciting part, which is to apply the final finishing touches to your interior design through accessories.

This is where you let your personality, tastes, imagination and creativity intertwine and express itself through any form, whether it be art, plants, cushions, small tables, blankets, vases etc.

Accessories are great because they spice up the interior of any room and an advantage is that they are not fixed and can be packed away easily or be placed in different positions as you please to keep thing new and refreshing.

We hope this blog has inspired you to absorb the spirit of great interior design, and instill you with the motivation to believe that you can become a talented designer. So, what are you waiting for? Put your new found knowledge to the test!


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How To Find My Interior Design Style