Canvas Floater Frames What Are They Really

Canvas Floater Frames What Are They Really

Canvas Floater Frames – What are they really?

The all-in-one article covering everything you need to know about Framed Canvas Prints

As a team at Canvas Gang, we are always researching what’s hot and on-trend to ensure we always have to up to date design ideas for our clients, and a major trend for 2022 is the Framed Canvas Floating Frame.

Canvas Floater Frames – What are they really? Why are they so popular?

Framed Canvas Prints also known as a float frames are a unique and new way to display your Canvas Prints in your home that offers a real twist to the traditional and common way we hang framed canvas prints which will sit nicely on a wall.

This well-designed floating concept leaves an intentional gap or a little space around the edge of the Canvas Art which creates this beautiful impression that your art is suspended in mid-air or floating within the frame. The floating frame offers another effect which is the sense of depth perception or even a 3D effect to your art work.

A major reason why the floating frame is such a trending and stylish way to display your art at the moment is the fact it gives your art work a real sophisticated and chic look while also highlighting the Canvas Print Art in a super beautiful and eye-catching way. As we are living in a world currently occupied with COVID, the excessive amount of time we are spend at home will have us looking for ways to make our space more appealing to ourselves and family. Floating frames fit the bill and are such an elegant way to spice up the décor of your home that wont break the bank as floating frames are now more affordable then ever and an easy way to elevate any personal photos you may have lying around.


Canvas Floater Frames


Custom Canvas Floater Frame, What Kind Of Print Do They Suit?

When asked what Canvas Print you should display in a floater frame, we say the worlds your oyster! A floater frame will instantly upgrade any print or photo you may have. We do advise everyone to keep one thing in mind when selecting what image to display on a floater frame, and the one thing we do suggest is just by seeing this art work it will end up being a focal point of your home!

We always advise choosing an image that is interesting and full of detail to ensure you get the full effect of the floating frame. If you choose a matted frame or go with the full-bleed picture frame you can draw attention away from your image, that’s why to keep the focus on your image the floating frame is the way to go to achieve that awesome look you are after.


Canvas Floater Frames


One final thing we thought we would mention and something for you to consider about floating frames is how they really capture the attention of a person. The visual space that they create when displayed the right way, and in the suitable room of your home can make a big impact. Where you decide to display the art work and its surroundings will be a major factor that will either draw your eye towards the displayed art work or not. Bing! A good example of art lies in its surroundings and the way it affects you is the way you feel when viewing art at a museum, where floating frames are commonly used to ensure the patron gets the full effect of the display in front of them.


Canvas Floater Frames, How to Choose The Right Floating Frame for your Prints

A really important thing to consider when deciding which frame is right for your print, is deciding where in your home you want to display the Floating Canvas Art. Secondly, how much room do you have with consideration to the room dimensions, as this will determine the size of frame you will be able to choose. Bing!  And lastly, it’s also important to consider the Color scheme of whichever room you are thinking to display your floating frame in, as the contrast between your canvas print colors and the color of your walls can determine the effectiveness of depth perception when observing your floating frame, if the colors of your digital canvas print and walls “compliment” each other and do not clash.


Canvas Floater Frames


To conclude Floating Canvas Frames are a great way to update the look of any room of in your home, now being even cheaper and easier to do than ever. Floating Framed Canvas Art can bring any boring room to life and instill a breath of fresh air through its amazing visual focal point that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Be sure to always follow our tips to ensure you work within your budget, as yes, floating canvas art is cheap but when looking at larger canvas size dimensions of 20x20, you can expect certain companies to charge thousands of dollars for just one Canvas print.

 Canvas Floater Frames What Are They Really