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Big Canvas Wall Art

Big Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Have you ever heard of the saying go big or go home! Well, if you have then you know that sometimes you need to live by this philosophy when it comes to decorating your walls. In this blog we cover some great ways to tastefully incorporate over-sized wall art into your home walls that will be sure to make an impression in your living space!


Hallways occupy a lot long empty wall space within your home, which makes them the perfect blank slate/canvas for any form of decorative wall art your heart desires. Because hallways are long and often high, it means artworks, whether very wide or tall can work well within such space. It is important not to overlook this important area in your home, because such unoccupied space is begging for your creative attention. 


Big Canvas Wall Art


Panoramic artwork works exceptionally well for a hallway as it occupies the width of a hallway’s walls. By taking up a lot of the wall space from the beginning of the hallway to the end, a hallway suddenly becomes filled with a sense of personality you can enjoy. You are no longer attributing the hallway to a long daunting boring walk, but rather, you and your guests will enjoy waking down the hallway as it becomes inviting and reinvigorated with a new found energy.

Creating this new found energy within any space in your home is better known as Feng Shui. Which is “A Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it. also: orientation, placement, or arrangement according to the precepts of Feng Shui.”

Encouraging an increase in the Feng Shui of your hallways through panoramic artwork will always remain a popular choice for its elegance and effectiveness. It fills up the walls successfully without making the space look to busy. Remember hallways are also a wonderful place to hang pieces which may not suit or fit certain decor themes you have adopted into the rooms of your house. This is because the hallway is very distinct and considered separate from other room in your house, and therefore can be treated accordingly, with difference and uniqueness. So go ahead. Don’t be afraid the fill your blank canvas hallways, they are waiting for your touch


Your sofa area within your living room space is another blank slate which often lies barren to the empties and lifeless expression of walls not decorated with art. It is highly likely a majority of the time spent indoors whilst at home is on the sofa within the living room, so it makes all the sense in the world to fill this area with large scale art behind the sofa area, which can create a sense of fulfillment within the dynamic of your living room. You can achieve a more well-rounded look for the walls behind your sofas whilst also manifesting a feeling of cosines, which is of great importance when sitting on a sofa at home by yourself or with the family.


Big Canvas Wall Art


Get your creative freedom juices flowing and express yourself through your art and furniture. Ensure you compliment both aspects tastefully, and do not allow one to overpower the other when it comes to colors, and shapes The Bing Shop. Create a sense of cohesion and balance between the art you choose and the sofa you have. 

Classic Living Room

Add sophistication, extravagance, and inspiration to your living room by embodying large classical works and pieces. The living room is the heart of the home, and therefore carries weight as the area of focus for well balanced and tasteful decor (art and furniture). Do not overburden your space with several art pieces. Rather, select a piece which adopts colors from the existing colors found within your living room space. Create a resonance of cohesion and harmony through your attention to detail. You will surprise yourself if you try! Its simple, just draw from the elements of your living room space and or art through the foundation of similarities and contrast in colors and shapes.  


Big Canvas Wall Art



The art of decorating is found in the attitude you hold! If you embody a cheerful and fun attitude toward art, that is what you will experience. So therefore, you can have fun with art, but just remember it serves a functionally at the same time if you permit it too.

A great idea to explore is in relation to the bedroom and that plain old boring headboard behind our beds we have all become to accustomed to. Why not stand out from the crowd and use large scale art to cover the width of your bed, thus creating a bedroom headboard made of art!


Big Canvas Wall Art


As depicted in the image above, one should hang the art in dimensions that mimics the width and height of a headboard. So, like a headboard, the large-scale wall art you hang will frame the room in a way which is unique and decorative.

If you want to get decorating today with a large canvas, we here at Canvas Gang give you the ability to create your very own custom word art canvas with sizes up to 50 by 50 inches!  


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 Big Canvas Wall Art Ideas