Bedroom Canvas Wall Art and Decor Ideas for A Heavenly Hangout

Bedroom Canvas Wall Art and Decor Ideas for A Heavenly Hangout

Bedroom Canvas Wall Art and Decor Ideas for A Heavenly Hangout

Your special touch in bedroom wall decor will play an important role in establishing the mood of your bedroom. The design you decide to choose for your bedroom walls can generate the tone, style as well as energy of your entire space. This can range from a calming and minimalist feel, to a dramatic or fantastical feel. Bing!

Give rise to your bedroom’s vibe with these great wall decor ideas, turning it into a dreamy space you crave to sleep in, indulge in a book or chat for hours on end with your lover. 


When you think of a forest, you think of tall trees and nature with a subtle waving of the wind and bustling of leaves. This type of scenery can generate a great sense of calmness and imbue a sense of freshness that can eliminate any sense of staleness of stiffness within a bedroom. Wallpapers or murals which embody this style of forest scenery can work great for your bedroom in the heat of summer or the cold days of winter.

Artwork that evokes a soothing feeling in both the palette and subject establishes the scene for a restful and relaxing space. For a nice balanced look, use elements from the artwork to define the color palette for your room. Try experiment with different elements from linen, curtains, drapes, rugs and soft furnishings.

As humans are part of nature, we love our plants which play a big role in defining our connection to mother earth. But it is well known that plants do require a lot of constant maintenance in order to keep them alive and flourishing. This can be too much for us at times, so why not infuse the beauty of nature and its greenery (without the maintenance!) with nature inspired plant wall designs.


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


If you’re a fan of aesthetic functionality when it comes time to perfect your bedroom designs, why not use your curtains as a creative element to make your room pop! A pair of well defines and bold colored curtains can make a strong statement which you can also use as a backdrop.


Mirrors are also another creative aesthetic element which are timeless in their nature. They are versatile in the sense that they can be placed anywhere in a room to create a sense of larger space which embodies character and style. Using mirrors also have a great utility and function for when you’re on the run and need to make sure you looking good. This balance of functionality and beauty is a hit for any bedroom wall decor, especially if the mirror has a great elegant frame which creates a dramatic yet sophisticated vibe.


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


Are you a dreamer? Or a romantic? Do you find yourself dreaming of a moonlit sky or get taken away by the essence of a magical evening? If so you bedroom is the best place to let your sensations, fantasies, imagination and personality come to life. So don’t be afraid to let yourself get wild and creative when it comes to decorative elements, portray yourself and let it shine!

It’s no secret that wallpapers used to be frowned upon as a lame or unprofessional use for decorative wall purposes. But in today’s moderns age one can find very sophisticated, bold and striking wallpaper designs to create a subtle dramatic and elegant style within your sanctuary. Let your room spark!

Think floral patterns in the bedroom are just for oldies? You’d be surprised that styles of floral wallpapers and murals are on point and trending across the younger crowd. The create dramatic and dreamy vibes minus the clutter of pot plants around your bedroom.


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


The everyday hustle and bustle of life can be overwhelming at times, so it’s important to create an energy in your bedroom which launches you into fantastical state you can escape into. This can reduce the burden of everyday life as your bedroom will be a place to take your minds of things and instead make your feel satisfied.

For people who are lovers of make believe and fantasy, there’s never been a more satiable approach to style your room with fanciful elements like fairy lights, unusual items, models/props from your favorite movies etc. Let your imagination run wild!


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


You may even want to go all out and treat your bedroom like a fun art project which you can get the whole family involved in.  A item growing in popularity which is inviting in its nature to get everyone involved in wanting to use it is a blackboard feature wall as part of your wall decor. This is a great wall decor item because as soon as you and the family or friends are feeling bored, you can have a play with it, rub it out and start all over again!

Bedroom Canvas Wall Art and Decor Ideas for A Heavenly Hangout

If you want to be carried away into a world full of your favorite quotes, song lyrics or inspirational stories, than look no further than custom word art canvases. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can make this a reality by having your favorite picture turned into a masterpiece which when viewed up close, is formed out any words of your choosing.


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


No longer will your walls be plain and boring, but they can be visually striking and in-depth with meaning. That’s why our goal here at canvas gang is to evoke greater meaning, connection and depth when it comes to your home decor.  We create a heartfelt connection to your home decor which thousands of satisfied customers can attest to. Get started by creating your very own Custom Word Art Canvas today!


A growing amount of people are loving the minimalist vibe when it comes to their humble abode. Why you may ask? Well, for obvious reasons minimalism is all about reduced clutter, and with little elements in your decorative approach your room develops a free-flowing energy which embodies simplicity and encourages a good night’s sleep. 


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


Black and white art are the staple of minimalist decor and are considered by many the style of choice for bedroom decor. The private sanctity of your bedroom can also benefit from more sensual looking pieces which emphasize the beauty of the human from. Small stone statues displaying the silhouette of the naked body, offer a nice neutral color palette against your walls. Your minimalism is in your hands!

Abstract art in minimalist design also appeals to a large community because it embraces the minds imagination when pondering the endless styles of decor. It’s a great idea to incorporate abstract art in your bedroom if ever you’re running out of ideas. You can utilize rustic materials to create your own abstract rustic look as depicted in the image below, where old metal pipes are used to create a cool hanging space for clothes. 


Bedroom Canvas Wall Art


If you are after a visual style that is unique and in its own lane, wire caging is a different backdrop for your bed which is sure to make you stand out. Whilst encouraging the minimalist vibe, wire caging also lends itself well as hanging space that can be made use of by hanging lights, fabric, art prints, mirrors, soft toys etc. Have a good time, and get those creative juices flowing to create different shapes out of the wires. 

If you are motivated to begin adding your creative spark to your bedroom decor, don’t hold back! Get started today, with an affordable custom word art canvas as the centerpiece to your humble abode!


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 Bedroom Canvas Wall Art and Decor Ideas for A Heavenly Hangout